Orange Chipolte Marmalade

The perfect companion to any cheese tray and equally suitable for glazing meats or fish, this smoky sweet marmalade was made for you. This marmalade will quickly become the go-to secret ingredient to your home made stir fry. Chipotle peppers (smoked dried jalapeno) intensifies oranges with it’s unique smoky, sweet flavor. Enhance that plain cheese tray at your next dinner party and delight your guest with this one of a kind take on traditional orange marmalade. Toss Orange Chipotle Marmalade all over fried or baked store bought nugget, (Orange Chipotle nugget)  and your friends and family will be asking you for the recipe. Got a little get together coming up, try making your own nuggets from scratch. Get Some chicken tenderloin, cut in to bite size pieces, dust with flour, fry until brown and serve with orange chipotle marmalade.